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Our Story….so far

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Ever heard that voice in the back of your head say “who am I and how did I get here?”  Want to travel but don’t have the funds or just don’t want to travel by yourself?  Whether you’re a fresh college graduate stepping into the real world or are living the 9-5 soul crushing desk job, this blog is dedicated to how to live life out of the ordinary. Selfishly, we want this blog for ourselves so we can reminisce on the experiences we have, but we also want to inspire others to live life out of the ordinary. Want to spend 6 months living and working on a ranch – sure. Want to move to Hawaii on a whim – why not?  Want to take a 19-day trip to Europe – HELL YES!!

These are the choices that make life worth living, in our opinion. What is life without a little risk? ….boring, that’s what. We want to show others that it is possible to give up that 9-5 desk job and pursue your dreams, whatever they are. Don’t get us wrong, there are always sacrifices. There are always tough choices to be made – like everyone always likes to remind each other, it’s much easier said than done. But that’s why we want to share our daily struggles and triumphs with others.

We are two twenty-something’s who come from completely different backgrounds, but share the same passion for travel. Our names are Kami and Chelsea – pleasure to meet you – and we became friends after working on a luxury dude ranch in Nowhere, Colorado. Kami is a former accountant who worked for the man for 8 years before realizing she was wasting her young adult life in a cubical. Chelsea is a recently retired collegiate-athlete who refuses to settle for a desk job. We’ve each been all over the world, and both of us plan on traveling as much and as often as we can for the rest of our lives. *fingers crossed*

Try to keep up.


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